Italian week





imageIn Italian week we did activities such as boccie in PE. Dress up parade on Tuesday where everybody dressed up and went down to the hall to show off our outfits and creativity. On Wednesday we went down to the hall to whatch la festa and on Thursday we ate pizza it was a really fun week with friends.



Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect

example raining (cause) I get wet (effect)

imageThe cause and effect happens when you do something and there’s a consequence after it.

The task we had to do was watch a video and write down all the cause and effect we could find.



Montmorency Secondary College

imageYesterday the grade 5’s went to Montmorency Secondary College. While we were there we focused on leadership skill such as enthusiasm, teamwork, cooperation, communication, persistence and initiative. We did some activities like sucking m&m’s with a straw from one side to another and that’s when we had to use teamwork. The leaders from Monty organised all the activities where we had to show our leadership skills. I thought Montmorency helped me  learn more about leadership skills for when I try out for a leadership job. Montmorency Secondary College is a good school that I might look to in the future.


How to make a quality post

imageStep 1. To make a new post you need to go to dashboard posts and go add new

Step 2. Have a title

Step 3. It should have questions in it because people will respond.

Step 4. You need information about the topic your talking about and you can only talk about one topic.

Step 5. You can add photo’s to  posts but they have to be appropriate and they have to be at school.

Step 6. To add a photo you need to go add media and it will come up with the camera roll and select the photo you want.

Step 7. You can add categories and tag topics.

Step 8.When you have finished your post go publish at the top and it will go on your blog.

question: how do you write posts?