This is a place where I will be writing reflections on our groups challenge.


Week 1

our task was to think of 3 solutions to help the environment. The group im in is Deakin and Jason. The solutions we came up with were recycling shoes, walk/ride to school day and making a compost bin for the school. Our choice was recycling shoes and we emailed Nike. Our achievement we want next week is getting an email back from Nike. I really enjoyed the task with my group and emailing Nike.

Week 2

This week in CBL we emailed Nike again for them to donate us some items for a raffle. Unfortunately it got declined as well as not getting approved! We didn’t work aswell as we did last week but we still got a lot done. We did process, steps and evaluation we are now making posters, notices and certificates for the school. We are also making a few changes to our evaluation because we need some boxes. Overall I think this wasn’t a bad week but it wasn’t our best week and we are still working on recycling shoes.

week 3

This week in CBL we made a newsletter article and spoke at assembly a lot of people said we spoke well and our group worked really well and we made 4 emails.

week 4

This week my group and I made a poster but we haven’t photo copied it or finished it yet. So far we have donated 24 pairs of shoes with more to come. This week we didn’t work on the CBL much but we still worked well. Please donate now

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