Scaled Solar System

5M and 5V made a scaled solar system. We did the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Venus was across the road from school so Mrs Veal went across with the meter wheel. Then we worked out where Neptune would be on a scaled solar system and it was in Wattle Glen!





A contraction is a two words shortened into one for example do not is don’t. Don’t is the contraction the apostrophe takes away a letter or a couple of letters in don’t the apostrophe takes away the o.

please don’t do that.         I could’ve done that. You shouldn’t do that because you might get hurt.


How to put a wigdet on your blog

Step 1. Go on dashboard and go appearance then drag text up to the top of the page.

step 2. Go on widget website and copy the html.

step 3. Go on to the appearance page and tap on text and their will be a big blank space and press paste.

the wigdet has to be appropriate.


Leader ship talk from policeman Shaun

After Mrs Montgomery talked about leadership policeman Shawn talked about it in a different way. We brang our clipboards and a piece of paper into 5R.

Example 1 To be a good leader you need to challenge yourself to set the example.

Example 2 Another reason to be a good leader is to be a role model and listen to your own advise.

Example 3 actions speak louder than words so lead by example don’t tell people what to do show people what to do.



Today Mrs Montgomery talk about leadership and what is some things that’s important about leadership. Mrs Montgomery had 7 key points that she wanted to talk about. I’ve been captain for sports teams a lot and in that position you have to show leadership and that’s what I think I did.

The first key point was honesty, Mrs Montgomery explained what she thought about honesty. Honesty is when you own up for example say that you broke something you should own up and show others that it’s better than be honest then lie.

2. Listening sometimes you have to listen instead of talking Mrs Montgomery said when your a leader you mostly listen to other people’s ideas than make up your own.                                                                  3.Trust you have to trust people for them listen to you.                                  4.stay stong sometimes in life you have to stick up for yourself or look after someone. You don’t have to be physically strong you have to be mentally strong like in an argument.                                                               5. Sense of humour I always like to have a joke with friends because it gets your mind off other things but you need to make sure your laughing with someone not at someone.                                                            6. Teamwork I play 4 sports in the year and we have to use teamwork sometimes you have to work as a team to get a better result.                              7. Focus you need to focus when other people are giving you advice.


AFL rhyming poems



You have to be tough
because it’s really rough.
it’s so fun
you can’t say I’m done.
I pick up the ball
without taking a fall.
I kick a goal
looking at a jumper which is dark as coal.
I’m playing AFL
but people cannot tell.

By Ben M



Sport report

In sport today the a’s team for cricket played the a’s team for hurstbrigde. We bowled first and got some early wickets which was a good sign. I bowled and they only scored 1 run from the over. There were a couple of overs left and we got 5 wickets and they got 43 runs.

When we batted the openers both retired on 15 runs then it was my turn to bat. I made 6 runs off 5 balls but I retired, we won by over 30 runs.



Today we learnt how shadows appear in different times of day. When the sun is blocked by the clouds there’s no shadows but when there is sun the shadows are really big. I noticed the shadows only go one direction at different times of the day. Maybe because the sun is in different places of the day.